Violent Fascists and Far-Right Supporters of NYCFC

There are violent fascists who have been making themselves at home in the NYCFC supporters section since 2015. While in the past some have been unaware of their existence or have tried to downplay their involvement, recent events have brought the threat their presence poses into sharp focus once again, and it is time for NYCFC fans to take a stand to organize and remove them from the stadium for good.

On Friday, October 12th, the NYC Metropolitan Republican Club hosted far-right instigator and founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes. The Proud Boys are a nationalist, misogynist, transphobic and islamophobic hate group, who attacked counter protesters after the event in a vicious 30 on 3 gang beating. Video of the event shows Proud Boys shouting “Faggot!” and “You’re dead, motherfucker!” while encircling people who’ve been knocked to the ground, and punching and kicking them. One bragged afterwards about repeatedly smashing a victims head into the pavement.

After the assault, the attackers posed for a group photo. Among those present, were several NYCFC supporters and members of self-styled hooligan supporters groups: the Empire State Ultras and the River Ave Casuals. Irvin “Uno” Antillon, Dennis “Fed Up” Davila, and Joseph “Bola” Dellapina were identified in the photo.


NYCFC supporters Joe Bola, Dennis Davila and Irvin Antillon pose for a photo after the beating of three counter-protesters at a right wing Proud Boys event in Manhattan on Oct 12th.

NYCFC Supporters Who Participated in the Proud Boys Gang Assault on October 12th

Irvin “Uno” Antillon is a member of the far-right & nationalist Latino Skinhead gang Batallon 49 and an affiliate the NYC street gang 211 Bootboys. He is also assumed to be the leader of the NYCFC supporters group River Ave Casuals (aka RAC, or Rock Against Communism) and is frequently seen in NYCFC match day photos both at home and away. Irvin can be seen on video from the October 12th event kicking people on the ground. Irvin also attended the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.


Irv attending an NYCFC match in 2017


An NYPD wanted poster looking to question Irvin for the assault that took place on Oct 12.


Old photo of Irvin & Willie representing Batallón 49, originally posted to Facebook.


A photo retweeted by NYCSC showing Irvin travelling with NYCFC away supporters on September 1st, 2018.


Irvin attending the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.


Screen grab of the Proud Boys assault video showing Irvin kicking a person who has been knocked to the ground, originally posted to YouTube.

Dennis “Fed Up” Davila runs the far-right and white power record label United Riot Records, an organizer of NYC’s neo-nazi Oi Fest, and is a member of the 211 Bootboys. Dennis is a NYCFC supporter who has been documented attending matches at Yankee Stadium and is featured prominently in photos with River Ave Casuals. He is alleged to have been involved in homophobic violence, including the beating of a gay man with a hammer.


Dennis Davila wearing an Offensive Weapon t-shirt, a NYC-area neo-nazi skinhead band associated with the 211 Bootboys.


Dennis in the supporters section at an NYCFC home match in 2016, standing next to a “Good Night Left Side” t-shirt, a common far-right slogan featuring an image of a nazi kicking someone laying on the ground.


A photo posted by the Hooligans NYCFC account with River Ave Casuals members Dennis, Irvin and Freddy C at a NYRB match in August 2018.


Dennis, the organizer of the neo-nazi skinhead Oi Fest, posting on Facebook to ask people not to “wave to Kyle” (a euphemism for sieg heil) at the event on May 27-28th, 2016.

Joe “Bola” Dellapina is a neo-nazi skinhead and affiliate of the 211 Bootboys, who moved from Atlanta to NYC two years ago, and can be seen posing in past photos with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. In both photos he’s seen wearing a United Riot Records shirt.


Joe Bola and Dennis display 211 hand signs (2-1-1) at an NYCFC match in 2017, along with 211 member Marcelo, and Irvin from B49


Joe Bola flashes the 211 gang sign while posing for a photo with founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes at the islamophobic “Anti-Sharia” march in May 2017.


A photo of Joe Bola from July 2018 wearing an Anti-Antifa shirt, standing next to Dennis from 211, an NYCFC supporter and 211 affiliate Freddy C, Irvin from B49, and Proud Boy Maxwell Hare who was blamed in court for starting the fight in Manhattan on Oct 12, and described as “the most violent attacker of the Proud Boys and their associates” during his arraignment for Felony Gang Assault charges.

NYCFC’s Far-Right Supporters Have a History of Violence

Irvin, Dennis and Joe are part of the far-right and nationalist skinhead street gangs 211 & B49, as well as NYCFC supporters groups Empire State Ultras & River Ave Casuals, and have a history of being involved in both political and soccer related violence, including an ESU fight with RBNY fans in 2015 at Bello’s, an ESU fight with NY Cosmos fans in 2016, and a 211 Bootboys attack on two men at a bar in lower manhattan in 2017.


A Batallon 49 post which translates to “They’re talking about B49” with a link to an Empire of Soccer article from 2015 about neo-nazi skinheads causing a disruption and use hate speech in the stands at NYCFC.


Dani Cano wore Sap Gloves to a 2016 NYCFC match where fights broke out between NYCFC and NY Cosmos supporters.


After the Feb 10th 211 attack on two patrons at Clockwork Bar, Dennis poses for a photo at a Feb 11th afterparty for their 211 benefit with the caption “Antifa killas”

Fascist and Far-Right NYCFC Supporters Groups

Empire State Ultras are a self-styled hooligans group that supports NYCFC and began in 2015. Members of ESU include violent B49 members Irvin Antillon, Dani Cano and Nico Lopez, 211 Bootboys affiliate Lee “Vill” Rocco, as well as members of the far-right and nationalist Polish skinhead scene in NYC. Their stickers, tifos and social media posts occasionally feature fascist imagery, and appear to have connections to nationalist groups and football supporters in Russia and Eastern Europe. Its not known if this group is still considered to be active, or if their membership has been absorbed into the River Ave Casuals.


Batallon 49 members pose for a photo in 2016 with an Empire State Ultras flag featuring a Totenkopf.


Photo posted to the Batallon 49 Facebook page with B49 members Irvin and Nico Lopez drinking before a 2015 match at Yankee stadium with Polish skinheads, all members of the Empire State Ultras.


A reddit post from March 2016 asking how to join Empire State Ultras. One user explains that ESU members were known to meet at Dugout.


Empire State Ultras at an away game in New England in 2015. Ultranationalist skinhead Lee Rocco and B49’s Irvin Antillon made the trip.


A collection of Empire State Ultras stickers from around NYC in April 2017 with the slogan “white power” under the group’s name and  a white supremacist Celtic Cross in the background.


A “Good Night Left Side” sticker from the Empire State Ultras placed over a New York Antifa sticker.


A “Love Football! Hate Antifa!” sticker from ESU featuring the same image from the “Good Night Left Site” t-shirt, as well as a hooligans “h” symbol used by Eastern European ultras, next to the NYCFC logo.


A post at the corner of Hausman St and Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that was consistently covered with ESU stickers in 2016-2017, as well as stickers supporting Polish nationalist ultras groups or white power symbols and slogans.

River Ave Casuals are an NYCFC supporters group started by Batallon 49 member Irvin Antillon sometime in 2017. 211 Bootboy associates Dennis DeVilla, Freddy C, Joe Bola, and Marcelo, as well as Batallon 49 members frequently appear in their social media posts.


211 associates Dennis, Freddy C, Marcelo and B49 member Irvin B49 representing the River Ave Casuals and NYCFC.


211 Members Joe Bola, Dennis DeVilla, Marcelo, and B49 member Irvin at an NYCFC match.

Far-Right and Nationalist Skinhead Gangs Affiliated with NYCFC Supporters


A post from the Batallon 49 Facebook page featuring the totenkopf ESU flag, and links the NYCFC supporters groups ESU and RAC with B49 and 211.

Batallon 49 are a Latino Nationalist skinhead group that was founded in NYC in 1997, and whose members have been involved in homophobic and politically motivated violence in NYC, New Jersey, Ecuador, and Colombia.


B49 members Willie, Irvin, Nico and Dani pose outside of NYC’s neo-nazi Oi Fest in 2016.


Screen grabs of various B49 swastika logos from the Batallon 49 Facebook page.

211 Bootboys are a neo-nazi skinhead gang with close ties to Dennis DeVilla and his hate music label, United Riot Records. Members and associates of 211 are affiliated with NYC-area white power bands like Oxblood, Combate 49, Offensive Weapon, and Lonewolf.


211 Benefit on Feb 11th 2017, featuring racist and nationalist skinhead bands.


211 Bootboys member AC “Twoeleven” posts “We beat the shit out of them last night” on Facebook, taking credit for the attack on two patrons at Clockwork Bar in 2017.

Additional Batallon 49 and 211 Bootboys Affiliates who Support NYCFC

Dani Cano is an original member of Batallon 49 who has a history of violence, and has attended NYCFC matches with members of the River Ave Casuals.


Photo of Batallon 49 members Dani Cano, Willie and Irvin from their Facebook page.


Dani Cano and Irvin at a 2016 NYCFC match where fights broke out between NYCFC and NY Cosmos supporters.


B49 Members Nico, Irvin and Dani Cano at a NYCFC match in 2016.


A paragraph from an article about skinheads in Ecuador which names Daniel Cano: “… several affected blame all the attacks of skinheads on Daniel Cano, Mauricio Naranjo and Ita Maveric, who would be the leaders of the neo-Nazis skinhead organizations in Ecuador.”

Nico Lopez is a member of Batallon 49 and affiliated with 211 Bootboys. He was involved in the attack on two men at Clockwork bar, and has a history of violence and threatening behavior.


Nico with an Anti-Antifa scarf with white supremacist Celtic Cross symbols on each end.


Nico wearing a Batallon 49 shirt, sitting with members of 211.


Nico at an NYCFC match in 2017, with Irvin from Batallon 49 and another ESU supporter wearing a totenkopf beanie.


Nico, whose profile picture is a handgun, posts threats in a NYCFC supports group on Facebook in response to accusations that there are nazis in the supporters section.

William aka “Willie” is one of the original members of Batallon 49 and has an extensive history of violence in both the NYC area and in Colombia.


Willie and Irvin’s nazi tattoos, which include an 88 (for Heil Hitler), an Iron Cross, Totenkopfs and the phrase Blood & Honour in Spanish.


A photo from March 2018 showing Willie and Nico in the supporters section at an NYCFC match.

Lee “Vill” Rocco is the singer of the white power band Offensive Weapon, an associate of 211 Bootboys, and has a history of violent behavior in the NYC area, and has been involved with ESU from 2015 through 2018.


Lee Rocco wearing a Chelsea Headhunters scarf featuring the Totenkopf logo, with a woman sieg heiling behind him.


Lee Rocco at an NYCFC match in 2016 or 2017.


A photo of Nico and Lee Rocco, with possibly Irvin and a neo-nazi NYC Oi Fest t-shirt, at an NYCFC match in 2015, posted to the Hooligans NYCFC Instagram.


The audience sieg heils at an Offensive Weapon show.

Marcelo is a member of both River Ave Casuals and 211 Bootboys.


Marcelo at a NYCFC match in 2017 with Irvin.


Marcelo wearing a 211 Bootboys patch and hoodie.

Freddy C is a member of River Ave Casuals and associates with 211 Bootboys.


Freddy C and Irvin at a match in July 2018.


River Ave Casuals members Freddy C and Irvin at a match in July 2018.


A tweet showing Freddy C travelling with Irvin to an away match in September 2018.


Freddy C and Joe Bola showing 2-1-1 gang signs in a photo tagged “#211”

NYCFC Supporters Associate With Violent Alt-Right Groups

Members of the Empire State Ultras and River Ave Casuals, particularly Dennis DaVila, Irvin Antillon, Nico Lopez and Joe Bola, have made ties with members of local of alt-right groups which have engaged in politically motivated violence around New York City, including the Proud Boys, NATA, Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, and other affiliated groups.

211 Bootboys Clockwork Beating on Feb 11, 2017: After seven members of the 211 Bootboys beat two men outside Clockwork bar, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes backed the gang online and posted a tweet outing the victims.


A since-deleted tweet where Gavin posts the identities of the men who were attacked by 211 Bootboys in Feb 2017.

Alt-Right May Day Counter Protest on May 1, 2017: Irvin Antillon and Nico Lopez attended the Alt-Right counter protests of the leftist International Workers Day on May 1st, along side NATA, and NYC Proud Boys, who attacked May Day attendees.


Nico and Irvin at a 2017 May Day counter protest.


Facebook post of Batallon 49 with Jovi Val attending the 2017 May Day counter protests.


Irvin with Gabriel Brown from NATA and NYC Proud Boys at the May Day counter protests in 2017.

Anti-Sharia Protest on May 25, 2017: Joe Bola and Irvin attend an Alt-Right “Anti-Sharia” protest of Linda Sarsour at CUNY on May 25, 2017, which was organized in part by Gavin McInnes, and attended by violent alt-right figures Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, Tiny Toese, and Aaron “The Racist Lawyer” Schlossberg.


Joe Bola and Irvin at an Alt-Right “Anti-Sharia” protest at CUNY on May 25, 2017.


Irvin poses with members of the Alt-Right after the Anti-Sharia rally on May 25, 2017, including Jovi Val, Cassandra Fairbanks, NATA’s Gabriel Brown, Laura Loomer, NYC Proud Boys, and a 4chan “Kekistan” flag.


Demand Violent Fascists Be Removed From NYCFC Supporters Sections

The presence of violent neo-nazis in NYCFC supporters sections has been well documented as far back as their inaugural 2015 season, and every season since then. Fans have been debating since 2015 what to do about groups like Batallon 49 and 211 Bootboys in their section, but B49 members have been documented travelling for away matches as recently as Oct 22, 2018. Its time for NYCFC fans to take action and organize with supporters groups to demand that these individuals and groups be banned from NYCFC supporters groups, and excluded from participating in NYCFC supporters culture. Spread the word, start your own networks to protect your supporters section, and contact leadership now. For a nazi-free NYCFC.

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